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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Featured Studio Tour Artists: Elena Fumagalli & Shiva Moghaddasi

The studio tour is only a few months away. And as we've shared, many of your favorites are participating, as well as some new names and faces! We will be sharing a little bit more about the artists on the blog. Take note of your favorites, so you can visit them during the tour!

This week we are sharing the artwork of Elena Fumagalli and Shiva Moghaddasi

Elena Fumagalli

Elena has been working with clay for the past 12 years, and every time she starts creating it is just as exciting as the first day. Working full time in an Interior Design firm putting colours together for clients, Elena draws and creates here pottery whenever she gets a chance. All her life she have been involved in Art, one way or another and it is her passion.

Shiva Moghaddasi

Shiva designs and creates extraordinary 3D masterpieces in the magical world of Textiles. Her work ranges from woven Persian Rugs to painted silk scarves. She integrates the two amazing ancient mediums of rug & silk to create the magic of old & new. As a member of Richmond Hill spinners and weavers guild she explores and creates new contemporary woven pieces as well as expanding her colourful collection of silk scarves.



Thursday, 11 June 2015

Mixed Media

Mixed Media art, is the combination of different materials and techniques. This weeks featured artists, use varied materials to create lovely works of art. Take a look.

Daniel Marlatt combines a variety of materials to create exciting dimensional pieces of art.

And mixed media also applies to the art of jewelry making. Inga Rozin has used some unique materials to create this lovely necklace.

Rubina Panjwani uses gemstones from around the world, including garnets from Iran, featured in these lovely earrings.

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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Art is Fun

Richmond Hill Studio Tour Artists, take their work very seriously, but they also like to have fun, and this week has been very fun for studio tour artists!

Ona Kingdon's painting won an award at an International Watermedia Exhibition in Colorado. How much more fun is that?

Victor Molev created this oil on canvas painting, which offers a very humorous and fun approach.

Sharon Kirsh, inspired by some of Richmond Hill's many green spaces is having fun, experimenting with texture and collage.

Wendy Cho's charming illustrations are always fun and joyful.

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