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Friday, 30 May 2014

Featured Artist: Sue Sun

Sue Sun is an artist in love with the colors of the natural world. She paints landscapes, still—life work and most importantly, elegant, richly colored floral. She works in oils, acrylics watercolors and soft pastels, and is equally adept at all of them. This is unusual for many artists who use only one or two types of media, but Sue chooses her medium based on the demands of the subject matter.

Today, Sue would be best described as an emerging artist. Her work of acrylic paintings is available to be exhibited.

Title: After the Rain
Size: 18" X 18"
Medium: Acrylic Painting

 Through the years she has developed a style that is loose, colorful and boldly unique...all of Sue's original work is now done on acrylic painting on canvas...she loves the effect that helps her creativity and she enjoys the freedom it provides.

You will not find it optional to have matting, glass or even framing. The presentation is amazing, simple and natural.

Title: Secret Dating
Size: 16" X 16"
Medium: Acrylic Painting

Monday, 26 May 2014

Featured Artist: Inga Rozina

Inga creates handmade jewelry designs with gemstones, Swarovski Crystals, Sterling Silver and Gold. She creates necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and other accessories.
What are you most looking forward to
I am looking forward to show my works and to gain more knowledge by hearing other people's opinions and comments, and this is going to be my first time, so I am very excited to participate and meet other artists.

Tell us how you got started in the world of art and who inspired you
I have always wanted to create beautiful things. For a long time, I've tried to find myself in different art styles. In 2011, I immigrated to Canada, and the colorful beauty of the Canadian fall triggered my desire to try my hand at creating jewelry. I experiment with different textures and colors - plastic bottles, beads, pearls, shells, silver and a lot of other materials. I also like to make crochet jewelry and various different accessories. The biggest reward for me is to see that people are not only using, but enjoying my craft…

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Featured artist Ben Lee

Ben Lee is the founder and President of Dynasty Watercolour Association (DWA).  It's a young but vibrant self funded voluntary organization in Richmond Hill which is committed to promoting watercolour particularly among artists of different cultures and ethnicities. DWA opens its membership to all watercolour medium artists, amateurs and professionals.

Tell us how you got started in the world of art and who inspired you

Much of my inspiration comes from my late father, an OCAD alumnus in 1930.  I started to paint at an early age.  I often tacked along with his colleagues to plein air painting during weekends.  Later, I furthered my studies at Vancouver School of Fine Art.  Since then I hardly had a chance to pick up my  brushes and palette until I took my retirement and immersed myself into the world of art, sharing my love and passion with my peers.  
I am an impressionist watercolour painter with its fluidity techniques expressed in my paintings.  A style offered me as it dances in the rhythm of my desired images and creativities.  Landscape is amongst my favourite subject matter.  I tried to capture the ever changing mood of the outdoors, capturing the magic of nature in dramatic colours with bold strokes.  Orange is my favourite colour.  I am forever exploring in different mediums and techniques much like working on canvas and particle wood-board with regular watercolour, thoroughly enjoying the painting process.
Tell us about your most memorable or funniest moment that has happened in a previous studio Tour

Nothing really funny ever happened during my many years at Richmond Hill Studio Tour show but there were many happy moments when friends came to see my show as well as having the opportunity to get acquainted with other artists.

Give us an interesting or unusual fact about your chosen medium or the materials you use or the way in which you work

I considered myself as a fast painter.  I often turned out two paintings during plein air in a day.  I
remembered one colleague said to me that he has constipation; cause he can hardly finish one painting in an entire day!  And now, I think this is a good Joke!!
For more information please visit Ben's website

Friday, 16 May 2014

Featured Artist: Tiffany Folmeg

 This is Tiffany's first year as an artist in the studio tour.

Tell us what you are most looking forward to about this years Studio Tour.

This show encourages a connection between the artist and public granting direct exposure and interaction with the community.  I look forward to talking to individuals engaged in supporting the local art scene.  There is much to learn and experience within such an event in hopes to heighten my practice.  

Tell us how you got started in the world of art and who inspired you.
Being creative was encouraged at a very young age, and as I continued into secondary school I had great support from my visual arts teacher.   He was a great mentor which paved way to post-secondary art and now as an instructor of the arts.  It is honest to say that all art inspires me, I love to learn about the historical attributes woven in rich pieces of artwork and the various means that drive humanity to create.  It will always be a goal of mine to engage individuals and myself for the sake of creative and tactile learning.  Art is the evident connection between the soul and the world around us.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Featured Artist: Long Yun-Xu

Long  Yun-Xu was born in Nanjing, China.  A renowned artist in watercolour medium.  His works often published in art-books and magazines.  His works were shown many times in the National Watercolour Painting Exhibition, a most prestigious art institution in China.  A lot of his works have been collected all over the world including National Art Museum of China.

Long is the member of several top rated watercolour artist including the International Watercolour League and the consultant of Nanjing Artist' Association.  He is also an honorable member of the "Dynasty Watercolour Association" in Richmond Hill.  He can be contacted via DWA's President Ben Lee at (416) 903-4830
This is Long Yun-Xu's first time participating in the Studio Tour. he is looking forward to the experience very much

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Featured Artist: Alexandra K Conrad

 Alexandra likes to create paintings that evoke emotions in the viewer. The conception of one of her works of art begins with a subject, idea, inspirational view, a set of colours that grab her attention or the particular light of that moment. This then gets expressed through her brushstrokes.

What is your most memorable moment from your previous Richmond Hill Studio Tour experiences?

I did a portrait in oil on canvas of our friends’ daughter Michelle, and I had this for the first time displayed at the 2013 Richmond Hill Studio Tour. Michelle and her parents came to see the painting for the first time. The reaction of Michelle and her mother was the most memorable for me. Michelle said: It is me and I love it. They both had tears in their eyes form happiness. Michelle wrote in my Guests Book: “I love the painting of me! Thank you! “This was very emotional and memorable moment for me.

Artist: Alexandra K Conrad
Title: “Michelle” Medium: oil on gallery canvas
 Size: 28 x 22 inches

Can you tell us 3 interesting facts about the medium you use?
Lately I paint mainly in oil and acrylic. Both mediums allow me to

1. Apply paint thin or thick

2. To have brush strokes visible

3. Acrylic dries fast, so if I need to have painting finished fast I use acrylic.

Other time I might use acrylic because I feel that for certain subject and my interpretation it will be a better medium.

Alexandra K Conrad and her paintings at the exhibition 2013 Richmond Hill Studio Tour at the Burr House (Pottery by Elena Fumagalli)

For more information please visit Alexandra's Website:
 or Contact:
905 883 5539

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Featured Artist... Jette Cott

Jette Knudsen Cott came to Canada from Denmark with her parents and siblings in the 1950s.  All her life, she has been passionate about the beauty of the world around her and what she could do to make it more so.

Jette draws much of her inspiration from everyday visions such as nature’s scenery, children at play, florals and still life.  Her craft brings her incredible joy and the she enjoys the enthusiasm for her work of those who collect it.

Tell us about your most memorable moment that has happened in a previous Studio Tour

During last year's Studio Tour, I had old friends come by whom I had not seen for over 10 years. We had a great visit and they purchased a painting. I also had a wall designated to commissions I had done of children and dogs. Conversations and interest in this resulted in more commissions.

Tell us a little about your chosen medium you use and the way in which you work

My favorite paintings are watercolours, but I can't call it my only medium for painting. I love using acrylics too and always stride to create more blended, flowing images, even with some transparency to them.

 It's a very forgiving, fast medium which suits my impatient personality.

 If you would like to see more of Jette's work please visit her website: